Monday, August 3, 2009

How to cashout your ALERTPAY

How to cashout your ALERTPAY funds: Read Below..

Since there are many sulitizen/PTC clickers asking the same question
on how to withdraw Alertpay funds/cash here in the Asia.

I had decided to make this advertisement..
I just hope this will be a great help to all online income opportunity seekers.

Option #1

Mailed Check

Follow these Steps:
1. Go to your Alertpay account
2. Request for withdrawal via mailed check at your Alertpay account
3. Wait for about 3-4 weeks for your requested check to arrive at your address
4.1 Encash check on money changers accepting international checks in Dollars (ask nearest Money Changer at your place)
4.2 Deposit your check at your own bank account (peso or dollar bank account)
Banks like Standard Chartered, Unionbank, Metrobank, Allied Bank, RCBC, Barclays are some of the banks that I know accepting international check deposits. You can also inquire at bank branches at your place.
5. Wait for the processing time of your check. Approximately 3-4 weeks again.

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